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Medical Support

We have two nurses who are able to provide essential medical support with daily availability during opening hours. Additionally, a doctor is accessible for appointments on Thursday afternoons. We aim to ensure comprehensive care is available for young individuals with both routine and more specialized medical needs.

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Mental health Support

Whatever offers vital mental health support for youth. Our focus is on creating safe spaces for resilient healing, customized to meet your unique needs. We are committed to breaking down stigma and fostering lasting well-being. Our counselors employ a variety of skills and strategies to help rangatahi cope with Whatever life throws at them.

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sexual health Support

Our team offers comprehensive sexual health support, including STI swabs, contraception consultations, and easy access to products. Expert staff provides valuable sex education, empowering informed decisions. We cover fertility, menstruation hygiene, and offer a FREE Pregnancy Package

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WHATEVER is a not-for-profit service that supports our local communities rangatahi/youth to be the best they can be, but we need your help to continue doing this!

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